McDonald’s Saudi Arabia reintroduces customers to their food with a new nutrition calculator

The newly revamped nutrition calculator allows users to access nutritional information of all its ingredients, to help them make better food choices

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October 22, 2017

As part of its commitment towards nutritional transparency, RICC “Riyadh International Catering Corporation”, the franchisee of McDonald's restaurants in the central, eastern and northern regions of Saudi Arabia recently launched its newly revamped nutritional calculator on its website for customers across the country. Now with access to nutritional information on each ingredient consumed, customers can actively customize their meals to make better food choices.

In response to the growing demand amongst customers in Saudi Arabia to understand what goes into their food, the McDonald’s nutrition calculator now provides a comprehensive look at the nutritional values of each ingredient in their favourite McDonald’s meals. Customers can use the user-friendly calculator to select the product of their choice, and see the nutritional breakdown of each of its ingredients. They can also remove ingredients to suit their individual dietary requirements, by simply unticking the ingredient on the calculator.

This first of its kind technology is part of the ‘Every Day. A Better Day’ campaign, which saw McDonald’s make significant enhancements to menu choices at over 263 restaurants in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. The changes included a lighter frying oil blend with 80% less saturated fat, mayonnaise with 50% less calories, and using only sustainable sourced fish.

Osmat Awar Director of Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility at “RICC” McDonald’s said, “McDonald’s remains committed to leading the way in food and beverage innovation in the Saudi Arabia, and our revamped nutrition calculator caters to the rising interest amongst our customers about what they eat. Whether you want to count calories or look at the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your meal – this platform gives users complete control of their food choices, and gives us the opportunity to serve up tasty meals that suit those choices. We look forward to our customers using the calculator as we continue to lead food innovation in Saudi Arabia.”

The nutrition calculator is another in a series of initiatives by McDonald’s Saudi Arabia to set a precedent in the food and beverage industry. It follows the path towards nutritional transparency that began in 2003. The initiatives also include communicating product nutritional information on tray mats, flyers and packaging; as well as the ‘Your Right to Know’ online platform which addresses all customer queries with simple, factual answers.

The nutrition calculator is available on